26 May 2019

Selling our own breeding bull "Baraka"

Ready to use breeding bull for those who need a bull right away and can't wait for a small bull calf to reach breeding age.
This bull is sired by Edbo who was leading the Scandinavian Bull charts and out of one of our best cow families.
For sale as breeding bull @ 150k

MAGIC50 bull calf born 19/05/19

Sired by Eros who is also the father of a world record producing daughter and his dam being sired by Reuben who remained one of the top milk bulls in the Jersey breed for many years this bull calf is the perfect choice for any breeder looking for a future breeding bull to sire dairy animals with very high milk production.

Breeding bulls for sale

Its been a long time since our last post. But I hope we are now back full throttle and wont be absent again for so long. My apologies to all our faithful followers, we will soon have an updated version of our main website www.makitosha.com, too.

After that disastrous attempt to rear all our good bull calves to breeding age and then sell them to interested farmers (which unfortunately almost bankrupted us a couple of years ago) our management and sales policy plus prices for all bull calves born now is as following:

1. MAGIC50 (50% Gir) bull calves who are sired by C. A. Sansao are sold from one week old to six months old @ 100k, sold on first come first serve basis.

2. MAGIC50 (50% Gir) bull calves sired by any other Brazilian Gir sire or bred through double crossing are sold from one week old to six month old @ 50k, sold on first come first serve basis.

3. MAGIC25 (25% Gir) bull calves and any other breed combinations are sold at one week old @ 10k, please place prior reservations if interested.

4. Our own selected breeding bulls are replaced on a regular basis and will then become available for sale, please let us know in advance if you are interested in such bulls.

As we strictly try to avoid the costly and unrewarding effort of rearing unwanted bull calves we will try to sell any bull calf as fast as possible. So if you don't want to miss out on a choice future breeding bull, but don't want to rear him yourself, you could buy any calf of your selection and then pay for his rearing cost as long as he will stay with us. Up to four months old is 400/- per day and then 300/- per day thereafter.

I will try to post each available bull calf unless it has already been booked prior to being born.
Please contact us if you are interested, 0733811298 Kangwana or 0716318073 Ibrahim.

2 December 2017

Fleckvieh Heifers

A first for us from Makitosha Farm, we are happy to be able to offer you this unique opportunity to obtain Fleckvieh breeding stock of the highest quality.
This is our first offering of HEIFERS ever, they are 50% to 75% Fleckvieh bred, most can qualify as foundation stock and are sired by the two most superb sires ever imported to Kenya, who both were leading the Fleckvieh charts:
WILLE who was the world's No.1 Fleckvieh bull and also the highest milk transmitting bull.
WOHLTAT one of his early sons who was topping the Genomic breeding value charts.

These are the youngest of the lot, CHOICE IS YOURS!

Full pedigree and ancestry production records are available for each of these heifers.

Don't miss this opportunity to start with Fleckvieh breeding ONE STEP AHEAD!
Non Fleckvieh bred served, in-calf and milking heifers are also available at prices from 150k each.
You can contact Kangwana on 0733811298 or Sylvia on 0733811299 for more information.

12 January 2017

Bulls for sale

These are all the bulls we presently offer for sale:

The MAGIC50 bull DABASSO is a ready to use very attractive sire and has even been selected by KAGRC for semen harvesting, we have some young heifers and calves from him and many more cows pregnant. He is extremely active serving any cows presented to him and he can even be used on heifers (unless they are 100% European bred).

The MAGIC50 bull BORE has not been used by us yet and he doesn't show much interest in serving. He has been kept with other bulls only since his birth and never had the chance to run with a herd, so his attitude might still change, once he is given the chance. Slaughter value only would be KShs 150,000/-. Would be very suitable for semen collection though.

The younger DABASSO bull was used by us extensively for serving MAGIC50 cows and heifers, to produce MAGIC25. Out of one of our best dam lines, his sire was the leading milk production bull of all Scandinavian breeds and he is very fast to serve any cow. Very suitable for cows and heifers of all breeds.

The LESSO son by Föske (which was sexed semen...) is ready to serve heifers, though we haven't used him yet. He was selected by us for own use and only became available due to the extreme drought condition in Malindi as we are still reducing stock.

Two of the three MAGIC bull calves were already described in earlier posts. The third one is by EROS who is a proven son of "Profana de Brasilia" which is the Gir cow with the highest lactation record to date: http://www.livestockkenya.com/index.php/cattle/300-the-best-tropical-dairy-cows
His dam Hana2 is right now our youngest and smallest first calf heifer milking and she is giving 22 liters per day in extreme drought conditions.

2 December 2016

MAGIC50 bull calf No. 390 "GS"

Conceived by one of the very few last remaining straws of "C.A. Sansao" the greatest Dairy Gir sire ever to have lived and out of a "KIAN" dam a bull calf with 64% Bos Indicus breeding. He will make the perfect choice to breed your very own Girolando.
His beautifully colour coat is his sire's doing...

Price KShs 100,000/-

1 December 2016

MAGIC75 bull calf No. 388 "Kalach"

An unique opportunity as this is the first 75% Gir calf born in Kenya and most likely all of Africa:

For sale @ KShs 100,000/-